About Us

We pump coins to the moon and make people rich!

Cryptocurrency markets give great opportunities. Are you going to stay away with your hands in the pocket while others make money?

Stop fighting big whales alone. We do fair pumps here because we have been like you once, trying to fight alone, and we know how hard it is.

We are going to rule the market, and you are the lucky one - we just started inviting new members!

We have strict rules and we stick to it. Everything is transparent. We do voting for coins so nobody prebuys. Then we pick one randomly and announce the coin in CAPTCHA-form to the group thus making it always prepump-and-bot-free and fair for participants...

How it works:

After voting, we randomize a coin from the top voted coins. We will then announce it to our Discord channel. Everyone starts buying that coin, bringing the price higher and higher. Usually more than 300%. Everyone who bought now has a 300% profit!


Community Voting

Every pump is preceeded by a community vote. If you want your favorite coin to be pumped, you can vote for it and maybe it will be our next target.


After each vote, we randomly pick one coin from the top voted list. That way we avoid any possible prepumps. Even admin can't prebuy earlier.

Bot protection

We protect our pump from bots, by announcing the coin in CAPTCHA form so it's much harder for bots to read what coin we pump.

Affiliate system

We have affiliate system, which allows you to get pump signals few seconds earlier than public (no more than 15 seconds). The more people you invite, more time you have.

Trading Signals

We also post trading signals from professional signal providers like Palm Beach Confidential.

Free to join

The group is free to join. Everybody is allowed to participate. The coin will be announced on the website too, but we recommend joining our Discord channel.

Join Us

Our pumps will be anounced on the website too, but we reccomend you to join our Discord:




Premium members get access to premium chat and get pump signals earlier!

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